Friday, July 31, 2015

Online Card Classes Background Check - Ink and Water Techniques!

I'm have soooo much fun doing the current Online Card Classes Background Check class! I just wish I had more time to play! I wanted to share Kristina Werner's techniques from Day 1 focusing on Ink and Water. My favourite backgrounds use Distress Ink and water, so this was fun!

For my first technique I smooshed these Distress Inks on my craft sheet, spritzed with water and laid my piece of watercolour paper directly into it. After drying I laid it back into the drops left on the craft sheet and dried again. Then, lastly I dropped some water onto it to react with the Distress Ink and dried it one last time. I love these colours together!

For the next four I used these Distress Inks and watercolour paper. For all I started out by smooshing the inks on the craft sheet and spritzing with water.

1) I used a piece of acetate, dipped into my inks and slathered it onto my paper, pulling it back and forth to get the look I wanted. I added water droplets onto the paper at the end.

2) I used an acrylic block and after smooshing it into the wet ink I pushed it onto my paper and moved it around. 

3) I used a paintbrush and dipped it into the wet ink to create a watercolour background. I need to play with this one more to get more of a watery look!

4) I had some ink left over on my craft sheet and I directly layered my paper into it several times and added some ink drops at the end. Waste not, want not, right!

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in my background fun! I am excited to create more backgrounds and then start using these on some cards!

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  1. These are sooo COOL!! I really need to just jump on in and try these techniques! :)