Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fairmont, BC

Well, we've just returned from a trip to Fairmont, BC.  The mountains are so amazing each time I see them! They are definitely not the ocean (I'm originally from Nova Scotia), but are a close second for sure.

The weather was around +6 and even though it wasn't warm it was a nice change from the frigid temps we had been getting in Calgary lately.  We went in the Fairmont Hot Springs pools this visit and drove up to the ski hill.  Next year for sure we'll be trying skiing!

There was a little bit of snow that fell last night so driving home was absolutely gorgeous! The sun was shining and the trees and mountains were outlined in snow - so beautiful.

A home in Fairmont

A home in Fairmont

The view from our deck

View coming down from the ski hill

Amie's finger painting

Crafty girl

Driving through Radium, BC

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